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3rd tech demo will be available during October
So i am working on the 3rd tech demo which will contain battles. It will be playable during whole October! Jade isn't good at battling so he asked her sister...
Steam, Kickstarter, Website and Battle Tutorial
Wow, I worked on so many things in the past time. So here they are: Ova Magica has now a Steam Page, Website and Kickstarter pre-launch page! Here are the links...
UI - View your blobs in 3d in the menu
I hate doing UI but today i am kinda proud of myself! You can now view your blobs in 3D in the menu and rotate them...
Last week to try the tech demo
Little reminder: This is the last week you can try the July tech demo! It will be taken down on Friday 11:59PM BST...
So every good farming game needs a sprinkler. In Ova Magica you can use a blob with tha ability "Sprinkler" to water your plants. Every couple days you need to...
Blob interaction
I am working on the blob interaction menu! You can feed your blobs. If you feed the daily food desire the health of your blob will level. And your blobs have sk...
Blob breeding
Here is a little preview of the blob breeding. This are only three of many outcomes for the first combination. And you can combine again and again and again...
Beer garden
As a Bavarian i am really enjoying the german beer garden! I worked on adding one into the game. It's not finished yet but the area is slowly filling up! (I for...